Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Move

Well its been a while and the holidays are finally over. Foaling season is moving up on us very fast. Baby calves are being born all around me. We are moving to a temporary new location in the Big Hole valley and will be taking all the small critters with us but sadly the little horses will have to stay in Twin Bridges as the winter is just too hard on them up there. They would be barried in the snow...... We will be rotating the pregnant mommas out as they get close to foaling and will have most the mares up their until the foals are doing well and we will bring them back down to Twin.

We will be reducing the numbers of all the critters until we move back or get a better set up in the Big Hole. So if you are looking for anything please visit my website and see all the critters that we will be offering.

I will post pictures soon of the beautiful Big Hole valley...

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